Chalk one up to CCS


You can really help me by clicking the below...It opens in a new window - I have spent a lot of time surfing the net to find links for you and its cost me too much money lately.

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Neither I or my Host/ISP was/is/will/might/shall be responsible for anything you found/do/download/think about via the links referred to on this page or any of the following pages. Nothing was really illegal the way it was - my page was just essentially a large collection of scene releated links that anyone could find given time and a little patience. Unfortunately, C.C.S differed in their opinion of this and have over the last month or so hammered at my door and that of my ISP Space.net...who I might add has been really good to me and put up with a lot of crap as have I.

This page has been online for over five years - a lot longer than most...my main reason behind it is the music and documenting the Perth Rave scene...the Sitez page was a nice sideline hobby. I don't want to lose my whole site for the sake of one page and believe me I have tried very hard to keep it online as long as possible.

I guess you're aware of the way CCS work - basically they scare the ISP with legal action who then shut the page, then CCS go off to the software houses and demand payment for their time re shutting down a page that has been "a thorn in their side blah blah".

Interesting to note that I've never received an email from the software houses OR the authors themselves...to be honest I think they would rather chase the D/Download sitez themselves than mere link sitez which is all this ever was. To be honest if all the link sitez with referrals to 'potentially dodgy sites' were taken down...half the net would be gone overnight. Oh well I vaguely remember the notion of freedom of the net.

One wonders if they will go after the 'unofficial mirrors' of my page as hard as they have after mine...If not then they are as hypocrytical as they come...what can you do?

This page may very well be back - but not here...thanks to all those who helped make it what it was a nice directory of the nets best...stay tuned for updates.

Just a sidenote - thanx to the huge response from the scene offering help etc...you definately have refuelled my faith in humanity somewhat...



A little message to the powers that be on stopping fun.

"The prestige of the government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition laws. Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced."

- Albert Einstein, physicist, philosopher, Nobel Laureate. 1879-1955.

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