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2006 CMRI Fatima Conference Keynote Address & Question & Answer Session (with Bishop Pivarunas & Dr. Tom Droleskey) now available online

Audio files are now available online, here:

2006 CMRI Fatima Conference

On Saturday October 14 at Mount St. Michael's, Washington, Mr. John Lane presented the keynote address for the 2006 Fatima Conference hosted by the CMRI.

On Friday October 13, Bishop Mark Pivarunas, Dr. Tom Droleskey, and Mr. John Lane answered questions on various subjects from the floor.

Debate on Sedevacantism with Robert Sungenis now available online

Audio files of this debate are now available online, here:

2006 Debate - Benedict XVI is not the pope

On Monday October 16 in Spokane, Washington, Mr. John Lane debated the present vacancy of the Holy See with Mr. Robert Sungenis. The moderator was Dr. Thomas Droleskey.

Discussion Forum archived.

The Bellarmine Forums have now been closed and archived. You may still consult the material in them, however only the owner can update the content. The link is above right.

Audio files now available online - "Sede Vacante" Traditional Catholic Conference and Debate

Audio files of the proceedings of the "Sede Vacante" Conference are now available online, here:

2002 Conference on the "sede vacante" thesis

On Saturday July 6th 2002 at the Turning Stone Resort, in up-state New York, Mr. John S. Daly of France and Mr. John Lane of Australia presented two papers on the vacancy of the Holy See, followed by a short presentation by Mr. Gerry Matatics of the USA. Mr. Matatics proceeded to provide a series of objections to the "sede vacante" thesis, which the speakers answered.

A debate was also held between Mr. John S. Daly, Mr. John Lane, and Mr. Vincent Lewis, in a private home in the Berkshires. This debate was also audio-recorded, and the master tapes are in the possession of Mr. Lewis, who has undertaken to provide a copy for Mr. Daly and Mr. Lane.

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